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Maximum Temperature Dropping


Fast Cooling Effect

5 Hours

Battery Powered For Camping

ZERO BREEZE MARK 2 portable air conditioner, specially designed for outdoor mobile handles, appropriate size and weight, built-in 24V micro inverter compressor, through the MARK 2 smart battery, to provide you with the ultimate 5 hours of cooling.

Take ZERO BREEZE MARK 2 wherever you are, and be free to enjoy cool life where you need it, even to the most remote places.

Tent camping or upgrade your RV
Forest cabin or rest in truck
Boat or plane
MARK 2 can bring you a cool experience

ZERO BREEZE MARK2 uses high-efficiency miniature inverter air conditioner compressor and compact high-efficiency fan system. It can blow cold air 30F lower than the environment in 10 minutes. Compared with traditional portable air conditioners, MARK2 is 60% lighter and 48% smaller in size.

 Temperature drop
30f  / 10℃

*Working in a 96F laboratory can roughly reflect the performance of the Zero Breeze Mark 2


*Compared with most small portable air conditioners on the market.

Go Anywhere

MARK 2 adopts energy-efficient design. One MARK 2 smart battery can have a cooling life of up to 5 hours.

With the special adapter *, MARK 2 is also compatible with third-party batteries, and the MARK 2 smart battery can be charged with a car cigarette lighter or solar energy through the special adapter.

  Stand by



Charging compatible


Solar energy

The other ways we tried were really disappointing.


50 lb

Needs home AC
Cannot be used in places without AC power


72 lb

Very large
Very high energy consumption
Poor space cooling effect

The block heading

46lb(with ice)

Not air conditioner
Cooling by ice evaporation
It takes a lot of effort to make and store ice
Unable to achieve space cooling

Evaporative cooling


Not air conditioner
Is a fan with water evaporation
Negligible cooling effect

More than hardware innovation

As ZERO BREEZE's second-generation cordless portable air conditioner, we have carefully considered the outdoor environment and the feedback of the use of the first-generation air conditioner supporters, and constantly optimize and innovate in details to make the best cordless mobile air conditioner that can be used anywhere in the world. 

Cold Air Extension Pipe

In compact RVs, cabins, airplanes, and through cold wind extension tubes, the Mark 2 will not be restricted by space placement, and the cold air will be quickly blown to you.

Dump Protection

Mark 2 has a built-in dump protection mechanism to protect the air-conditioning system effectively in various complicated outdoor environments, preventing continuous operation and damage to the equipment after dumping.

Sleep Mode, Power Mode

Sleep mode is perfect for camping outdoors at night. Power mode is ideal for rapid cooling down from sweat.

Battery Buckle System

Mark 2 battery can be quickly and easily integrated with Mark 2 air conditioners. You can lift the air conditioner at work with one hand, as simple and convenient as a flashlight.

Cold Air Temperature Display

Mark2 has an innovative air outlet with temperature display. After starting up, you can more intuitively see the change of the air outlet temperature from the ambient temperature to the cooling temperature.

Heat Dissipation Pipe

When the Mark 2 is used in enclosed spaces such as truck lounges, tents, cabins, etc., it can quickly transfer heat out of the space through the heat dissipation pipe to achieve space cooling.

July 31, 2019

Using the Zero Breeze 1 portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler tractor-trailer.

I joined the Zero Breeze Mark II, launch group. The Zero Breeze Mark II has a lot of potential for use as a portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler truck cabin. It produces the equivalent of 2,300 BTUs of cooling while using a maximum of 210 watts per hour of electricity. Very efficient. Most big trucks have about 1,020 watts available for accessories in their 4 big starter batteries. That and the Zero Breeze Mark II lithium-ion battery (630 watts) provides 1,020 plus 630 equals 1,650 watts. You can run the Zero Breeze without a generator. You can add 2 deep-cycle batteries, if you want, for more power. If you want, you can run it from a small generator like the Honda eu1000i.
A truck idling the big diesel engine (12-15 liters displacement) (420-520 horsepower) for 10-12 hours just to run the air conditioner wastes a lot of fuel, pollutes the air, and creates unwanted heat. It takes about 1 horsepower to run the engine air conditioner. About 98.5% of the energy in a gallon of diesel fuel used for idling is wasted (goes up in smoke).
Imagine 50 trucks lined up in a row, all idling their engines. That is what goes on in truck stops in the U.S.

Note: 745.7 watts of electricity = 1 mechanical horsepower.




Working Mode

Cool, Fan(4 level), Sleep, Super Cold

Sound Level


 Cooling Capacity


Climate Type


Cooling Rated Input:


Rated Voltage:

24V DC

Unit Size

20" 10"W x 11"H



Moisture Protection


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