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Using Mark II in my golf cart

Vickie Callison Ok. I’m up and operational. I have my new unit installed in my golf cart using my door works enclosure that I normally only us for winter.I installed a 48v to 24v converter due to the batteries not being shipped. The unit seems to pull very little off the cart 6x8v batteries. But I will still be excited to use the zero breeze battery to off load any work on my cart. I will use the cart battery as a backup in case the battery does not last the 4 hour round of golf.We will hit 90 degrees today so I will give it a good test. I mounted the unit in the back between the clubs. It fits...

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When camping, use Zero Breeze

When camping, I use a Goal Zero Yeti 1400 hooked up to two 200 watt solar panels, and with the Zero Breeze Mark I, the input was greater than the output, so I had plenty to run through the night if need be. Recently, I also got the Delta 1300 and another 200-watt solar panel, so when the Mark II comes out, I should be fine for all my camping adventures.

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Using the Zero Breeze portable electric powered air conditioner in a trailer.

Using the Zero Breeze 1 portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler tractor-trailer.I joined the Zero Breeze Mark II, launch group. The Zero Breeze Mark II has a lot of potential for use as a portable electric powered air conditioner in an 18 wheeler truck cabin. It produces the equivalent of 2,300 BTUs of cooling while using a maximum of 210 watts per hour of electricity. Very efficient.

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