How do you cool a teardrop camper?

Summer is coming, and the warm wind is blowing. The air is humid and restless, blowing away the dullness of not going out for a long time.

Nowadays, due to the compact cars we drive and high gas prices, camper trailers such as teardrop trailers are becoming more and more popular. They are stylish and functional. They are small, making them the perfect trailer for one or two people.

It will never be as much fun as camping on cooler days. Having an air conditioner in the trailer allows us to enjoy the adventure and sleep a wonderful night. In particular, a Mark 2 portable air conditioner would be great.

AC for trailer

Why do you need a Mark 2 in your trailer?

Traveling in summer often brings life-affirming memories and exhilarating experiences, but the unbridled heat can certainly lead to sweaty discomfort.

Most trailers don't have air conditioners. While driving with the trailer, it will be really hot in the sun during the day. Especially when we try to get in and rest. The heat keeps us from getting a good night's sleep. It will be so stuffy and uncomfortable.

Advantages of having Mark 2 in a camper trailer

  • Real AC - Although the Mark 2 is small, it is a real air conditioner. It works like a home air conditioner. We developed the world's smallest miniature double-cylinder inverter compressor. It is the only compressor developed and mass-produced for small air conditioners.
  • Fast cooling - The first advantage of having an air conditioner is that it quickly cools down the small interior. The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is a 2300 BTU fast cooling portable air conditioner. It can drop 10 degrees within 10 minutes. Most camper trailers are about 8-10 feet long, 4-6 feet wide, and around 8 feet high. The cooling effect of a portable air conditioner can be felt immediately.
  • Sleep mood - Our body heat can build up the temperature in the trailer. In a hot climate, heat makes sleeping uncomfortable. Mark 2 has a quiet sleep mood. Its sleep mood will use less power at night and it will make the air noticeably cooler in the area. And it will work for about 6-7 hours.
  • Battery-powered - its battery-powered feature requires no grid. It allows you to explore more places without power anxiety. You can charge the battery with your car or solar panels. You can charge Mark 2 with your car or solar panels. You won't need the generator.
  • Portable - Unlike other built-in air conditioners. Mark 2 is small and portable as a weekender bag. It fits perfectly in camper trailers. Remember that you don't live in your trailer, you live out of it. You can sleep well in the camper at night. And you can also take it out while cooking, hiking, or anything else.
  • Easy to use - Mark 2 is very convenient. Plug it into the battery, direct the duct wherever you want, and you are ready to enjoy the cool wind. And it doesn't require any installation, all you need to do is charge the battery.

Keep the trailer cool in summer

Mark 2 will help a lot with summer camping. It is small but enough to cool a two-person tent size area. Although Mark 2 is not going to beat the sun in the middle of the day, it can spot cooling and make the person feel better under the sun.

What is the correct way to have a better cooling effect?

These are solutions if you have good insulation and AC in your trailer. But there are also energy-saving things you can do to have a better cooling effect.

  • Park in the shade -Being purposeful about where you park is a small thing that will make a big difference. The sunlight creates a lot of heat for your trailer. Figure out what direction the sun is coming from and angle your parking position. Try to keep all the windows directed away from that direction. This will keep the trailer cooler.
  • Reflective insulation - Add Reflective insulation helps cool your trailer by blocking the sun’s rays. Place sheets of reflective insulation in the windows of your trailer and secure them with duct tape. A blackout curtain works the same way too.
  • Enough airflow - The cool air won't last long, especially when the sun comes up. So open all the windows and doors of your trailer, and you will get enough airflow. It may not cool your trailer very much during the day, but it will help a little.
  • Cool ahead - Before entering, turn off the heat source and turn on Mark 2. So that you can cool the space before you rest. Place the pipe under your comfort, shut the window, and put the vent hose outside the window. Don't forget to switch to sleep mode so that it doesn't get too cold at night.

Cool your camper

Summer is always a time of anticipation. Sunshine, beaches, vacations, fruit, ice cream, early morning stalls... A thousand images come to mind. Only at this moment, the joy is so reckless, pure, and romantic.

ZERO BREEZE is continuously exploring the intersection of off-grid technology and comfort to make outdoor off-grid life better. Meetings' basic needs, like energy efficiency, compact size, and seamless deployment are finally a breeze.

Ultimately. We want to inspire you to pursue a simpler life and give you more time to enjoy the big world around you. Hopefully, now you know how to keep your trailer cool in summer without melting into oblivion. Be a happier camper down the road.

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