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How do you install solar panels on your van?-STEP 1
When preparing for a trip, you must think of energy usage for your trip. Solar energy is a great source. It supports off-grid, it is clean energy, and it is cost-free. There are many different sizes of solar panels. So when choosing solar panels, you need to know how much power you need.
Let's do the calculation.
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How do you install solar panels on your van?
More and more campers are going solar. If you are a camper who loves to stay off-grid, generating your own power is necessary. Your light, fridge, and ability to charge your phone and laptop all rely on electricity. Here are some benefits of having solar energy in your camper van.
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How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?
According to Statista, over 40 million Americans go camping every year. And their favorite season is summer. If you don't want to sweat in your tent during those sultry afternoons and nights, you really need to check the best tent air conditioner for camping.
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