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Living On A Van in Summer: It’s Not All Glamour

  It can be easy to fall into the trap of over amazing van life. While we are positive about summer travel, but we don’t mean to give a false signal that life is always a holiday. Lots of interesting and novel things happen on a van, but this lifestyle certainly has its trade-offs. It may be not great. With that in mind, we’d like to talk about some of the challenges that come with summer travel with an A/C. Here are the reasons why is my portable air conditioner not cooling? Thanks Zero Breeze Follow Us

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Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling? First of all, it is necessary to check whether the product is not cooled due to product failure, or there are other factors that cause the portable air conditioner to be uncooled or not effective Troubleshooting: Turn on and check whether there is cold air at the outlet under the air conditioning cooling mode, 1. If there is normal cold wind, it means that the air conditioner has no cooling failure; 2. If there is no cold wind, check whether the lower cold air vent and the tail heat dissipation port are blocked. If there is, please open the wind shield or remove the blocking objects and retest; 3. Check whether the...

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How to choose a portable air conditioner?

How to choose a portable air conditioner?   Compared with common split-type air conditioners, mobile air conditioners have many outstanding advantages. For example, they are simple to install, do not need to pierce through walls, do not need to consider the installation location, and they can also be moved anywhere to use.  We will not introduce about the advantages of portable air conditioners. This article will mainly tells you some of its disadvantages, points you must know before buying.  From the appearance, there are many similarities between portable air conditioners and air conditioning fan, but they actually work completely differently.  The air conditioning fan uses the principle that water needs to absorb heat when it is volatilized. The circulating water...

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