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Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling? First of all, it is necessary to check whether the product is not cooled due to product failure, or there are other factors that cause the portable air conditioner to be uncooled or not effective Troubleshooting: Turn on and check whether there is cold air at the outlet under the air conditioning cooling mode, 1. If there is normal cold wind, it means that the air conditioner has no cooling failure; 2. If there is no cold wind, check whether the lower cold air vent and the tail heat dissipation port are blocked. If there is, please open the wind shield or remove the blocking objects and retest; 3. Check whether the...

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Big Chill Zero Breeze actually works as advertised,Fire it up with the easy-to-understand buttons that control the handful of settings (mainly the fan power) and the unit begins spitting out cold air. The output temperature typically stays in the 50F, The situation is much better when you’re in a smaller, sealed space (like a tent) with the exhaust directed outside. Here the ZB2 provides quicker and more sustained results, with the more generalized temperature control you get from a home window unit. In a small tent, the output air temperature can quickly drop into the 40s, to the point where it actually gets legitimately cold ...

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