New update from the production and shipment teams

Dear Backers,

 First of all, thank you to all the backers who shared their feedback on the Mark 2. It is very exciting to see your reactions during the unboxing reviews and we were just as excited as you were. We appreciate all you have done to change the future of air conditioning and believe a celebration is well deserved.

 It is our great honor to announce that the first 680 units have been successfully produced and shipped to the United States. We are looking forward to seeing more feedback and support from you!

Second Batch Shipment Progress

 The second batch of 550 units has been shipped out to the United States. We will send them according to the order numbers.

 The batch to Australia is on the way to its destination. We will keep you updated with the latest information here.

 For other countries, we will ship out the unit with the battery.

 Order Of Delivery

 The shipments are sorted according to the order quantity of the country. Countries with unit quantities with or beyond an entire cargo will be in the priority position for shipment. Based on that, the sequence of our shipment is the United States, Australia, the European Union, and more.

 The unit will be sent out in the sequence of the order after arriving at the destination country. You will receive an email notification with the tracking number once it is shipped out.

 We will contact you by email to confirm the address information when shipping. If we do not get your feedback before shipping, we will continue to the next order and your order will be sent in the next round, so please keep an eye out for the email from, preferably add us to the whitelist.

 Shipment Of The Battery

 Reasons For The Delay:

 Our battery manufacturer is the world's leading professional battery factory. Although the battery has passed the factory's safety verification, we must also personally check to ensure it works well with the unit. We have done various tests, such as charging, and various other battery tests. For any small problems that occurred, we repeated the verification tests again with the first batch of trial production batteries, this procedure caused the delay.

 The good news is that the first batch of trial-produced batteries has passed, but for more assurance, we will do long-term tests on finished batteries and air conditioners, so there are not many batteries delivered in the first trial-production.

 1000 batteries will be finished production on May 20th.

 We can understand everyone's urgent expectations of receiving the Mark 2. Rest assured that the Mark 2 air conditioner has completed the entire production process and the battery is also in smooth production. You will not miss this summer. As for the hardware production, we will still consider quality our first priority.

 At the same time, the impact of the epidemic has not only caused a delay in production but also has impacted international freight. However, the good news is that many regions have begun to recover, we believe that shipments can be completed soon.

 Thank you for joining ZB family and supporting us all the way!

 Stay safe and feel free to contact us with any questions!

The Zero Breeze Team


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