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Hello Fellows,

Black Friday just ended, I believe you all have a crazy story about it! Time is fast, Christmas is coming soon, Merry Christmas to everyone in advance


Production progress report

1. Molds (Plastic parts)

The overall production progress of plastic molds is slower than expected, and we have been working hard to speed up and maintain the superb quality at the same time. The delays are mostly because of the structural adjustments in the middle.

We believe you guys maybe confused that why the molds are always mentioned but there seems to be no obvious progress.

Mark 2 consists of 42 plastic parts, 38 different plastic parts, Mark 2 battery consists of 12 plastic parts, 9 different plastic parts, to complete the production of these parts, we need 18 sets of molds, and some molds are more complicated and can’t be done by adding labor. The production speed of the equipment has already reached the limit, and it is often necessary to queue for processing. To make it easy for everyone to understand, the following is a schedule of all the molds (you can save the picture and zoom). 


Overall, the mold is expected to be finished in the middle of this month, and the trial assembly production will be delayed accordingly.


The green part is the finished mold, the brown part is in processing, and the blank part shows the planned delivery time.


2. Compressor

The first batch of production has been completed.


3. the electronic part

The first test production of air-conditioning control system has been completed

The battery control board has completed the test and is undergoing optimization.

The first version of the 12V to 24V boost module has been tested and optimization is under optimization.

The design of the second-generation adapter for the first-generation air-conditioning battery has been completed and tested.


For the entire production plan, we will conduct comprehensive coordination shortly because certain tests must be carried out after the mass production prototype is assembled, such as transportation drop test, salt spray test, and other standards, Those are tests that can be only completed following the standards. We have learned from the experiences of the first generation, and we take superb quality over time. We are expecting to deliver a 100% satisfaction Mark 2 to you.


Our short term goal is to be able to share with you the news that the mass production has finished in the following Christmas production update.


 I wish you all a Merry Christmas,


 Zero Breeze team


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