Understanding how the car mode feature works

As a Mark 2 user, you will want to run your ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 with the Mark 2 portable battery but in the process you realize the battery runs for a very short time and shuts down. It is an irritating experience, but this write-up solves the problem. Have you noticed the purple indicator of the mark 2 handle? So let's spare a few minutes to understand what's going on.

The car mode feature was made to avoid draining your car battery completely when powering your Mark 2. When charging your Mark 2 battery with your car, the power it draws is less, hence you do not have to worry about your car's battery.

Sometimes, even without using the Mark 2 and the Mark 2 portable battery, you realize the Mark 2 portable battery is not running for long minutes/hours connected to the Mark 2. When this happens you think the battery is not good, but most of the time it is because the Mark 2 is in car mode, so whenever the Mark 2 goes into car mode, the LED light displays a purple color.

The car mode is a very useful feature. If you are not using the car's battery, you can turn it off without worrying that the battery is depleted to start the car. You can follow the instructions below.

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