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Morgan Phillips

Morgan Phillips is a Seattle based adventure and lifestyle photographer. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama; he ventured across the country at nineteen and hasn’t looked back. Morgan combines a hunger for adventure with his passion for photography, blended in order to document and share the beauty of his unique and fluid way of life. 

Whatever the time of year you’ll likely find Morgan on the road somewhere; snowboarding through the rugged terrain of Wyoming, bouldering deep in the Sierras, scouring the endless back roads of Montana, hunting for alpine lakes through remote parts of the Canadian Rockies. Morgan's life and work have been shaped by a longing for new experiences and a clear idea about the things he loves. 

Morgan knew he was gonna have to find an air conditioner. Upon doing a bunch of research Morgan found the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2. What he loved about the Mark 2 was that it was portable with its own battery pack. This meant he didn't have to drain his van batteries. Leave his van idling on hot days and it's also convenient that he can put it wherever he wanted. 

It's nice to know that after a long hot day of mountain biking he can come back to his van hit a button to ZERO BREEZE will cool him, his dogs, and his van down in no time. It gives him all the comforts upon. 

If you want to check out Morgan's photos, visit his website.

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