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About Zero Breeze Affiliate Program

It is an easy and free way for you to make money with your Websites, Blog, Facebook, Social Medias or any other online location. All your need to do is add our links or banners on your sites to promote Zero Breeze products, and you get paid every time a visitor from your sites click through to www.zerobreeze.com and places order. The more links you add, the more you will get.


How Affiliate Program Works?

    1. Add Zero Breeze product links on your website
    2. Visitors click the links and go to zerobreeze.com
    3. Visitors place order(s)
    4. Get your commission on each sale

Why Join Zero Breeze Affiliate?

Earn Money
Be rewarded over $70 USD on every refferred sales with 8% commission rate. Every time your visitors click our content and make a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission.

Partner with a Trusted Brand 
Zero Breeze raised over $1.6M on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and gets reported by over 200 worldwide medias. Zero Breeze videos get over 12M views on Facebook, 1M views on Youtube. Associate your site with the world’s first battery-powered portable air conditioner brand in the world.

Joining Is Free and Easy z
We are available on ShareASale, what you need to do is sign up the ShareASale or login your account to search ZeroBreeze(ID# 81964) to get banners, pictures, coupons and more to share on your sites.


How To Join Us?

Simply click on the link to join ShareASale: https://shareasale.com/join/81964 , if you are already working with SAS.com, please search Zero Breeze and join us (ID# 81964)  as one of your merchants. We are looking forward to working with you. We will approve your application with 24 hours, if you have any other question or needs, please contact us as jeff@zerobreeze.com