Portable Air Conditioner

What is a real portable air conditioner?

There are a large number of air conditioners, and also a variety of different kinds of portable air conditioners in the market, why do we need another so-called portable air conditioner?
Traditional air conditioners are designed for fixed spaces and need to be installed in fixed locations. Even for those home mobile portable air conditioners are restricted to be moved indoors by wheels and cannot carry outdoors.
Most essentially, they will need a household AC 110-240V, which is beyond practical outdoors. So that’s why Zero Breeze address these issues to make an air conditioner truly PORTABLE

ZERO BREEZE MARK 2, from the very beginning has been designed for optimal portability from all aspects.

In order to create a highly flexible, high-performance system that is not restricted to a home power supply, the MARK 2 was designed from the inside out. This is a truly portable air conditioner that allows you to enjoy cold air anywhere.

From the iconic handles to mobile-friendly designs
From suitable weight to compact size
From small but strong compressors to delicate air duct systems
From 24V operating voltage to high-performance batteries
Mark 2 keeps breakthrough innovation for portability

As the core of the air conditioner, Zero Breeze clearly defined that the small size, lightweight, low power consumption, and DC compressor are the preferred goals of Mark 2. To achieve this goal, we worked hard with professional refrigeration engineers, compressor R&D experts, top manufacturers. Now you can see, MARK 2’s compressor is about the same size as a cola can, less than a quarter of the size and weight of traditional compressors. It indeed costs 4 times as more than a traditional compressor, but truly worth it. Because this is what rocks the portable air conditioner market.

Compared to traditional compressors 7.5kg
DC Power Supply*
Low Power Consumption*

24V DC voltage is much safer than household AC power. At the same time, because it does not need to go through the inverter, direct battery power is more energy efficient.

Traditional portable air conditioners are more than 800w, which requires too much electricity. MARK2 is only 240w, it is easier to be powered by other power sources, and it can get longer cooling time outdoors.

The outstanding performance of the Mark 2 requires a powerful air duct system.
Small size, large air volume, and high wind pressure are the three mutual constraints in air duct design, it is difficult to take all of them into account. To achieve this, Zero Breeze developed a unique air duct system which allows reducing the size to a very small size while satisfying large air volumes.
Mark 2's innovatively designed dual-pipe cooling system, built-in powerful 24v variable frequency centrifugal fan, can drive 120CFM (200 cubic meters/hour) air heat exchange in such a small space, even under the load of 2 meters long extension pipe. On the other side, the innovative compact forward centrifugal fan draws air through the evaporator, blowing the cooled air directly in front of you.

Cooling air volume

120 CFM

Test value in the laboratory, without air duct

Compact dual duct system

Innovative  design

*Applied patents

Starting with the prototype of the Mark 2 design, we have determined its basic shape. It should not be too wide or too high, as it will affect portability. It has to be like a small travel bag with a convenient handle.

Thanks to our friends, car designers SONG MING and DENNI for their excellent ID design. MARK 2 achieves all of this, very beautiful, powerful, a strong sense of technology, and very different from traditional portable air conditioners. 

Convenience needs to be designed with every detail in mind. It's not enough to only change the size and weight, you have to think about how people actually use it. From the handle, the battery lock to the exhaust hoses interface, all the components that interact with you need to work smoothly and intuitively. Therefore, you can enjoy life more freely and happier than ever before.

One-button battery lock can quickly connect the air conditioner and the battery into a complete unit. It is as simple and convenient as using a flashlight. Just take it and go.

One-button disassembly of the extension hose system, which can be quickly installed or removed without any tools, and quickly switch application scenarios, free and portable.


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