The Mark 2 Air Conditioner and Battery is out of stock in the US, Canada. Pre order now for up to $100 discount. Orders ship out on May 15th-17th.

Zero Breeze Mark 2  Unboxing and Setup

2020 6 22


1. Is it like the real AC ?
2. Can it be used in cars, planes, boats, etc?
3. exhaust hose size ?
4. How does the heat go out?
5. Can I get a longer hose?
6. Dual hose system ?
7. When do I have to add fluoridated gas to the unit? ?

Battery /Power Supply FAQ:

1. Battery Charging Time?
2. Can it be used while charging?
3. In-car charging?
4. Solar charging?
5. Can only use with the battery?
6. Use with own battery?
7. How many BTU?
8. Is there the UK or Japanese plug?