Refurbished ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station
Refurbished ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station
Refurbished ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station

Refurbished ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station

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ElecHive provides stable and efficient energy support. From nature's challenges to emergencies and outdoor work scenarios, ElecHive meets diverse needs, offering confidence and convenience. With ElecHive, energy worries become a thing of the past.

  • Fast Charging in 2.5 Hours
  • 2500Wh Capacity, 2200W Output
  • 32% Weight Reduction. Weighs Only 40lb
  • Applicable in Extreme Cold From -4℉ to 104℉
  • Maximum Charge Protection
  • Energy-Saving Auto Sleep Mode

Know more details about ElecHive 2500

Portable Power Station Specification
View ElecHive 2500 User Manual




Cell Chemistry

NMC(Lithium-Nickel-Manganese Cobalt-Oxide)

Recharging Temperature

32-104°F/ 0-40°C

Operating Temperature

-4-104°F/ -20-40°C

Shelf Life

More than 2 Years (After fully charged)

Life Span

2300 Cycles (80%)




12.9*9.6*11.3 inch/

32.8*24.4 *28.7cm

Storage Temperature & Humidity

-40~140°F/-40 ~60°C, <95%RH

DC Output

12V Anderson Port

10.5~13.4V, 300W/25A Max

24V Anderson Port

19.5~25.2V, 500W/25A Max

12V DC5521 Port

10.5~13.4V, 120W/10A Max

2 x USB-A

5/9/12V, 18W QC3.0

1 x USB-C Bi-direction full PD

5/9/12/15/20V, 100W/5A Max

1 x USB-C

5/9/12V, 18W Max

AC Output

4 x US wall outlet or 3 x Universal wall outlet

110V, 60Hz, 2200W/20A max Continuous, or 230V, 50Hz, 2200W/10A max continuous 4400W Surge Peak

Input / Charge

Normal Charging (Anderson Port)

Solar (Open Circuit Voltage)

240W/10A Max(~11hours to full)

DC Charger 12~30V 240W/10A Max(~11hours to full)

AC Charger 100~240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A(~11hours to full)

Fast Charging (Anderson Port)

Solar (Open Circuit Voltage) 30~75V 1250W/26A Max (~3hours to full)

DC Charger 30~38V 600W/16.7A Max(~5hours to full)

AC Charger 100~130V, 60Hz 6A (US V.)/ 200~240V 50Hz 3.2A(Others V.)(~5hours to full)

DC Charger 42~60V 1250W/26A Max(~2.5hours to full)

AC Charger 100~130V, 60Hz 12A (US V.)/ 200~240V 50Hz 6.5A(Others V.)(~2.5hours to full)


Auto-sleep switch AC frequency(JP)

ON/OFF (US) 60Hz/50Hz (JP)

Charge/Discharge Percentage


🟥 Refurbished ElecHive 2500 Details:

  1. Refurbished ElecHive 2500: May have minor cosmetic imperfections, but no performance issues. Outer packaging may show wear.
  2. 30-day replacement, no refunds.
  3. Fast delivery: 3-7 business days after payment.
  4. Available for US customers only.
  5. 1-year open-box warranty. Learn More
  6. No coupons during this event.

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FAQs about Refurbished ElecHive 2500

1 X ElecHive Portable Power Station
1 X 240W power supply
1 X Car outlet charging cable
1 X 12V outlet adapter
1 X ElecHive Shelter
1 X ElecHive User manual
Note: 1250W or 600W fast charger need to be additional purchased. 

Yes. For example, ElecHive can power "Dometic CFx" 40W for about 2.6 days. Generally speaking, the cooling time depending on the power ofyour refrigerator and how freguently you open the fridge door.

Check the amount of power your appliance or device requires, The combined total Wattage being used by all of your appliances/devices cannot exceed 2200W. lf you do exceed the maximum wattage, ElecHive's battery management system will power down the generator.

2.5 hours through 1250W power supply.
3.5 hours through 600W & 240W power supply.
5 hours through 600W power supply.
11 hours through 240W power supply.
26 hours through 120W cigarette socket.
27 hours through 100W USB-C port.
*Note: 1250W or 600W fast charger need to be additional purchased. 

For safety's sake, and we do not recommend using other brand solar panel to recharge ElecHive. Since we can not guarantee other brand quality and provide after-sale service for it if it is damaged by other solar panels. 

As long as your gas generator can handle more than the charger power drain consistently, it should be no problem. For example, if you use 1250W charger, the inverter of the gas generator is able to handle the input required for the 1250W. The same goes for 600W and 240W.

Please recharge the ElecHive within an ambient temperature 14-104°F/ -10-40°C and the operating temperature is -4-104°F/-20-40°C. In the meanwhile, the advised storage temperature and humidity is -40-140°F/- 40-60°C, <95%RH.

Yes, ElecHive supports Non-Stop Power with UPS. Our product has built-in UPS functionality, ensuring continuous and stable power supply even during power interruptions or fluctuations, keeping your devices and systems running smoothly.

Read Before Purchasing

The refurbished ZERO BREEZE ElecHive 2500 units are inspected before shipment. The functions of them are working properly. Some units may have scratches. Outer packaging may show wear.

The purchase is valid until 23:59 February 5 PST.

Sorry. It cannot be used with any other discounts.


After the order is placed, it will be dispatched within 2~7 days.

Yes. A 1-year open-box warranty and support for your refurbished ZERO BREEZE products. If there is a quality issue, the replacement is supported. The refund is not supported. Learn More for open-box warranty policy.

Here are the manual links for ElecHive 2500.

View ElecHive 2500 Series User Manual

If you don't want to save the links, you can always contact our customer service representative to get them.

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