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Zero Breeze Air Conditioner

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    Patented built-in micro compressor.

    1100 BTU air conditioner, THE REAL AC ——
    Unlike one of those “evaporation air-conditioners” that are actually just fans with ice or water inside.

    12 volt
    battery powered
    air conditioner*

    Powered by its interchangeable power base.
    Truly hassle free from in-house wall plug.

    54 sections 18650 lithium battery composition
    Normal use for about 5 hours, 3.5 hours at full load.

    Standard (without smart battery)
    Plus (including smart battery)

    12 lbs
    Hand-held Design

    It is small enough to store in a trunk or a small shelf in the garage when not in use. You can lift it with one hand.


    Timothy McKenna

    Downingtown, PA

    About 75, but that isn't the main factor. I was in a closed truck cap in full sun. I nearly slept after staying in for 1/2 hour after unit ran prior for 1 hour. I was comfortable. When I shut off unit to get on with my day, I couldn't last 5 minutes before I got short of breath and began to sweat. In other words, I would have begun to suffocate. That all said, I believe that this unit could cool my space @ night to a 15 degree difference. Tomorrow @ dusk I will have unit on with in and out thermometers on time lapse. Only way to really know. But, I feel positive.

    Richard Chase

    Ballwin, MO

    I have been playing with mine for a few minutes now. Some initial observations in a room that's shaded and 82 degrees after about fifteen minutes of run time: Input temp: 82. Output temp 56. Exhaust temp 101. It's drawing 165 watts at the moment and has used 0.03KwH after 14 minutes So after about 15 minutes of run time the temperature delta is 26. It does seem to also be getting cooler as time progresses.

    John Teilhet

    Johnson City TN

    Just received mine. Out of the box, it was an easy assembly , didn't really need instructions for that part,but actually turning it on wasn't as intuitive, so I did refer to the instructions for that. It appears to be well made with clean smooth lines. So, initial first impression is good. I plugged it in and it's putting out cold air through the front and warm are through the back... I'm happy so far. I'll test it out in my travel trailer and see how it does there.

    Roy Arrigo

    New Orleans LA

    I’m in Louisiana and I just received mine today. The Zerobreeze is working fine for almost an hour now. The power supply is not overheating and seems fine. The temperature drop is 17 degrees. That means that it is dropping the air that it takes in by 17 degrees. So far it was well worth the wait. Thank you Zerobreeze.

    Donald Cocchi

    Tallahassee, FL

    Some notes from using mine. First I let it just on the floor and settle for awhile. It's an A/C compressor so I wanted the coolant to settle where it needed to be. Then I tried to start and realized I needed the manual :) The back portion is what you want. Hold the power button down for about 3 seconds and it turns on. Mine defaulted to standby mode. In other words, no blowing air yet. You will notice the compressor spins up occasionally and makes a fair amount of noise. Just like an air conditioner. Push the snowflake button to turn on the A/C. Use the fan button for three speeds. Lower speed gets you colder air. The first time I turned it on, it was fairly noisy. It steadily smoothed out. After a minute things were good.

    Ryan Bridges

    Orlando, FL

    Received mine. Easy to assemble. Working like a charm. Cold air. Not too loud at all. Impressed!

    Frequently Asked Question

    If I don't purchase the additional battery, will the unit still be able to operate independently without being "plugged in"?
    Can zero breeze be used for car / truck?
    Would I inhale any harmful gases when using ZeroBreeze?
    How cold does it get
    Can I use my solar power system to run ZeroBreeze?
    Does ZeroBreeze uses ice or water?
    How much is the lifespan of this units?

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