No more sweating at camping nights.

Zero Breeze Mark 2, the first real off-grid air conditioner

Zero Breeze Mark 2

Heat your tent

The heating function is available for 45°F+ in limited spaces like a tent. Without carbon monoxide.

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Where can you use Mark 2?

RVs & Vans

Furry Kids



Golf Carts


Zero Breeze Ambassadors

Meet Zero Breeze’s 2021 Ambassadors who inspire us.

Across The Country

Morgan Phillips

Chasing Their Dreams

Tyler and Madison

The Arkansas Experience

Matt Mcclellan

No roads No limits

Tyler Snider
Developing Power station
Zero Breeze ElecHive 2200

Near basketball-sized, 2400Wh capacity portable power stationSupport 12-75v ultra-wide voltage charging, maximum 1250w charging through solar or adapter, support maximum 2200w AC output