The Ideal Tent Air Conditioner for Camping

A cool and comfortable space brings a wonderful night


Zero Breeze

We come up with a truly great and innovative product

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The Ideal Tent Air Conditioner for Camping

Driven by self-contained A/C unit with a 12 volt compressor


Your Ultimate Portable Cooling Solution

May Zero Breeze brings comfort and coolness to you
Unrivalled Power-to-Weight Ratio

Zero Breeze is technologically innovative. The built-in patented compact compressor generates 1100 BTU cooling power to cool down a small closed space to 72 F°.

A/C On-the-Go

It’s small and lightweight enough to accompany your journey no matter where you will be. Simply take and go with its handheld design, and put it down to start cooling.

Battery-Powered & Interchangeable

Zero Breeze has 12V (DC, AC) input which saves energy if you’re using a generator. Each interchangeable battery delivers 5 hours of cooling for keeping your sleep comfortable.

Stay Cool Wherever You Are

Zero Breeze is perfect for RV trips, BBQs, outdoor get togethers, and so much more!

Tent Air Conditioner

Battery-powered AC unit are a must when you want to cool a tent or other small space. If you need a unit to work its best in humid and hot circumstances and can’t rely on a power line, Zero Breeze will leave you with a conducive environment to enjoy inside the tent.

Cabin in the Woods

Outdoors, you no longer need to worry about hot and humid air. And it can be powered by batteries.

Cooling Your Night In Truck

Sleeping in truck without A/C in a hot summer night could be a nightmare. That’s where Zero Breeze comes into play to rescue your sweaty night. Simply power Zero Breeze by 12V DC power socket in truck or by its interchangeable battery base to eliminate engine emissions and unnecessary fuel expense.

Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Pets can get sunstroke in the car or in the yard. Prepare a Zero Breeze for them before you leave the place so they will be sure stay in comfort and stay cool.


Don't just take our word for it...

 It’s a small and quiet air conditioner that can be placed in a boat, a tent, or any other small space where heat may be an issue.

Zero Breeze is a battery-powered portable air conditioner complete with helpful travel features. Besides its primary function of cooling the air in a small area

Simply put, the designers have really thought outside of the box and come up with a truly great and innovative product.

Needless to say, if you just want to breeze through life, make the Zero Breeze your personal zephyr TODAY!