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About Us

Zero Breeze was founded in 2016 by a group of engineers who are passionate about camping. They yearn for the compact, portable air conditioners that can be used outdoors and in places like sci-fi movies. Today, Zero Breeze has achieved the goal of making a portable air conditioner and will develop more equipment for comfortable and freely moving spaces. Zero Breeze believes that the future world will no longer rely on cities to provide energy centrally, and each individual can live off the grid comfortably and harmoniously with nature.

In August 2016, the world's first battery-powered portable air conditioner ZERO BREEZE Air Conditioner Mark 1 was launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In July 2019, ZERO BREEZE MARK Air Conditioner 2.0 landed at INDIEGOGO. It redefines portable air-conditioning with revolutionary changes. It can blow cold air 30F lower than the environment in 10 minutes. Compared with traditional portable air conditioners, MARK2 is 60% lighter and 48% smaller in size.

In order to create a revolutionary portable air conditioner, ZERO BREEZE not only cooperates with one of the world's largest air conditioner makers but also cooperates with compressor research and development institutions to customize compressors. The air duct system also adopts a method that subverts the traditional air conditioning duct. It conducts new R & D, simulation analysis, and experimental testing. We have produced the world's smallest dual-tube portable air-conditioning duct system.
And this is just the beginning. With more application feedback, ZERO BREEZE continues to apply more and more cutting-edge technology to the free outdoor environment, and will eventually achieve a comfortable environment like home, and can move around-This is the future we want.