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Think Different

In 2014, our founder Max went on a camping trip. As he was sweating in the heat, he questioned why there is no suitable outdoor air conditioning for outdoor camping, especially in today's technological age. He then realized such demand exists, so we started to constantly seek solutions. After repeated disappointments, we decided to start our own creation.In 2016, we designed a first real portable battery-powered air conditioner to gain support from Kickstarter crowdfunding. Empowered by the millions of people through crowdfunding, our original Mark 1 battery-powered portable AC was launched in a way that subverted industry imagination.In 2019, we learned from the first generation experiences and mistakes and integrated more complete and professional R&D and supply chain. We launched a more mature and better true battery-driven air conditioner- Mark 2.

From the impossible as considered by traditional air-conditioning industry experts, to being recognized by industry experts. From the absence of matching parts and lack of suppliers to having industry top-grade professional suppliers cooperate with us, working together in research and development.

ZERO BREEZE was deeply influenced by "Apple's Think Different," the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embody this very spirit. They’re built for adventuring, creating, and daring to disrupt the norm.


A free & comfortable off-grid life. The solution to comfort with unlimited freedom is more than we can imagine!


Simple, free and portable air conditioning allows special patients to get out of the house

“I have a little boy with a very rare disease called Erythromelalgia and this could be a life saver” 

“I suffer from some of the most painful diseases known to man, and have been abandoned by healthcare in many ways... in short, they leave me homebound and am unable to get any help, even basic meds to make walking and family visits possible are denied to me.... ”

“the one thing I need to be able to have some comfort outside my house is something that can supply cold air to my head and neck that are a mess of pain-(stabbing, swelling-(headaches and neck), uncontrollable temperatures-(heated face, head, and neck) that heat only increases the suffering...”


Reduce the discomfort of being outdoors, so families can enjoy nature together

“Was wondering if you can help us with our build? We are a nonprofit that help family’s affected by childhood cancer. We teamed up with CVT for a rooftop tent, Datin for a roof rack, rei for camping gear, as well as other company’s. Your product would be amazing for this family since Connor’s still needs a break from the heat. Conner is doing amazing now and ready to get back on the trails. He is 6 months cancer free. Dad bought a truck and we are planning on hooking him up with a rig that the family would only dream of. Camping was a huge part of their lives and we want to help bring it back to them. If you could help us out that would be amazing.”


Outdoor workers in a constantly changing environment, causing inconvenience to workers, Mark 2 is simple to use and easy to set up with portable features , reduces cost and energy consumption

“our purpose in purchasing the product from ZERO BREEZE was to help enhance the performance of our AC unit in our ambulances. Our AC unit is serviced by a reputable Auto Mechanics shop in our area, but as the CFO of our company stated and I can assure are not actors or retired rescue. Our area the temperatures reach in the 100's which feel as if it is 110 outside and in the ambulance the temperature can be hard to regulate sometimes so we purchased the ZERO BREEZE to give that extra boost as well as to make sure that our patient's as well as our staff are cool and taken care of. ”


As a brand new product, we are leading the revolution of outdoor air conditioning through exhibition and application exploration in various industries.

Zero Breeze About Us 2019
Zero Breeze About Us 2020

Professional air conditioning research and development institutions and manufacturers

Starting from Mark 1, we were faced with a blank industry of outdoor battery air conditioning, there were no corresponding parts and R&D institutions, let alone factories with relevant production experience. We cooperated with various professional structures to gradually form professional research and development. In 2020, we set up special inspection and production standards. We also set up a special laboratory for battery air conditioning


A step towards creating a more diverse range of outdoor products.

After two years of hard work, we have finally put ElecHive on the market. Finding a balance between size and capacity was a technical challenge for us. The ElecHive is a small-sized power station with a capacity of 2,500Wh, an MPPT of 1,250W, and an output of 2,200W. This is not only the best power supply for the Mark 2 but also for your off-grid life. We are dedicated to technological innovation for outdoor living, creating better solutions for outdoor conditions.