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Camping Air Conditioner: the Pros and Cons

                                        Camping Air Conditioner: the Pros and Cons   Zero Breeze started from the ground up around 2016. The company has experienced what will work and what will not work in their air conditioning journey. Their first generation portable camping air conditioner is the product of that journey. It is the best priced portable air conditioner in its class. Campers after a long, strenuous day of mountain climbing under the hot torrid sun will want to come to the campsite and relax in a cool tent. A camper needs to sleep comfortable and restore his energy after engaging in such a grueling physical activity. The key for this restful sleep is to have a portable air conditioner that can keep the...

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Zero Breeze Mark 2 the Best Tent Air Conditioner Ever Made

                         The Dream of Zero Breeze   We found Zero Breeze on the concept that sleeping in a tent on a warm summer night should be a cool and refreshing experience instead of an uncomfortable one. Tents do not circulate air very well and they can heat up as the long, hot summer night swelters on. Campers cannot sleep because they are dripping in sweat and there is no fresh, cool air circulating through the tent. We considered this century-old problem and came up with the innovative Zero Breeze Mark 2 air-conditioner the only one of its kind. We are pioneers in tent air conditioning.  It is the only one of its kind designed in the world. Yes, it is...

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We make a portable AC for tent!

Best camping tent air conditioner: Zero Breeze Mark 2   ZeroBreeze Mark 2 is an air conditioner specially designed for camping tents.  Zerobreeze’s 24v compressor system is a real air conditioner, not a fan or a cooler by ice or water. It comes with appropriate structure, weight and volume can be lifted with one hand One-piece battery system, one jack, no complicated and cumbersome operation.Single-sided compact dual-tube system, more convenient for tent placement, and real efficient cooling capacity.       At the beginning of the establishment of zero breeze, it was lamented that "technology is so powerful today, but outdoor life has not changed much as it was 100 years ago. In a tent in the summer night, it feels...

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Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling?

Why is my portable air conditioner not cooling? First of all, it is necessary to check whether the product is not cooled due to product failure, or there are other factors that cause the portable air conditioner to be uncooled or not effective Troubleshooting: Turn on and check whether there is cold air at the outlet under the air conditioning cooling mode, 1. If there is normal cold wind, it means that the air conditioner has no cooling failure; 2. If there is no cold wind, check whether the lower cold air vent and the tail heat dissipation port are blocked. If there is, please open the wind shield or remove the blocking objects and retest; 3. Check whether the...

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How to choose a portable air conditioner?

How to choose a portable air conditioner?   Compared with common split-type air conditioners, mobile air conditioners have many outstanding advantages. For example, they are simple to install, do not need to pierce through walls, do not need to consider the installation location, and they can also be moved anywhere to use.  We will not introduce about the advantages of portable air conditioners. This article will mainly tells you some of its disadvantages, points you must know before buying.  From the appearance, there are many similarities between portable air conditioners and air conditioning fan, but they actually work completely differently.  The air conditioning fan uses the principle that water needs to absorb heat when it is volatilized. The circulating water...

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