ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Helps Hank to Fight Cushings' Disease

 By Kelly Stettenbauer Wagner

Edited on 3/12/2022

ZERO BREEZE Mark2 Helps Hank to Fight Cushings' Disease

One of the ZERO BREEZE Mark 2s' most important applications ever. 

I live in Florida and my central AC is on 24/7. My dog Hank has Cushings' disease which means he can't control his body temperature very well. Always hot and panting even with central air. I purchased the ZERO BREEZE and set it up so he can sleep with it blowing directly on him. Works like a charm. He will get within a 1/2" of it with his face when he is hot. (Cardboard on top to send air more downward.)

We all hope he can enjoy every summer.


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