12V to 24V Converter for MARK 2 Battery

12V to 24V Converter for MARK 2 Battery

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The 12V to 24V DC-DC Converter is for powering the Mark 2 AC and charging the MARK 2 battery from a 12V power source.

Input: 9-16V

Output: 24V

Max Power: 280W (It is the max capability it can transfer the power. It doesn't generate power.)

There are two functional connectors, one is for 12V car cigarette lighter interface, and the other is for wiring directly to your 12V battery positive and negative electrodes.

1. Please disconnect the ouput of the converter before powering on. After the LED of the converter lights on, then connect the output to the target device.
2. Don't power your Zero Breeze Mark 2 AC by this converter if your 12V battery can not provide sufficient and consistent power(over 300W or over 25A current). Damage may result from incorrect usage. For example, the 12v cigarette sockets can't be used for powering the Mark 2 AC.
3. When setting up your 12V to 24V Inverter, be sure to connect the negative and positive poles correctly to the corresponding connections on the power source.
Damage may result from incorrect connection.
4. To charge your Zero Breeze Mark 2 Battery with a car
cigarette lighter connection you must ensure that the interface is a 12V power supply with a 15A fuse.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Atkinson
Overeheated. Doesn’t work.

The converter quickly overheated and shut off power to my Zero Breeze. Useless.

Hi Ray,

We definitely don’t want our customers to have this kind of experience. Please check for your input. It is available for 12volt *20ampere. Because the input power of mark2 needs to reach 240 watts.
If your input is 12volt*10ampere. Please do not use it again to power mark2. It is very dangerous.
There is a detailed description of the use on the page where you purchased the inverter. Please check this link to learn more. https://www.zerobreeze.com/collections/mark-2-accessories/products/12v-to-24v-inverter-for-mark-2-battery

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team.


Zero Breeze

Giorgi Ashvili
Don’t like battery life

Battery is good for only 3 hours

Hi Giorgi Ashvili,

Sorry that Mark2 didn't meet your expectations.

Please note that the Mark 2 battery is fully charged before you use it. When you received the battery, it wasn't full charge. If the working time does not reach 3.5h after re-testing please contact our customer service representative. customerservice@zerobreeze.com

Please note that the operating time of Mark2 battery is also related to the environment and power supply you are using . If the temperature or humidity is higher, the power of the air conditioner will also be higher. The intermediate voltage conversion when using the inverter will also bring about the loss of power.

Hope these help you.

Kindest Regards,

Zero Breeze

Dustin Burden
Works ok

Adapter works ok but does require some juice to go from 12v to 120v. Has an internal fan and gets warm. Does it’s job just fine

Gary H
Works Well

I'm so pleased they provided this inverter so I didn't need to plug into my 110V inverter. It seems to work quite well and they provided nice options. As long as it lasts, it's well worth the investment.

still have not received anything

ordered almost a month ago and still have not received anything. Just a dismal failure and poor experience on so many different levels.

Hello, we are working with ups to determine the status of the shipment. If the shipment is missing, we will arrange a reshipment for you. Sorry for the bad experience!