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Understanding how the car mode feature works.
As a Mark 2 user, you will want to run your ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 with the Mark 2 portable battery but in the process you realize the battery runs for a very short time and shuts down. It is an irritating experience, but this write-up solves the problem. Have you noticed the purple indicator of the mark 2 handle? So let's spare a few minutes to understand what's going on.
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Power your Mark 2 with a portable power station.
There are four popular power stations that can power your portable AC: EcoFlow, Goal Zero, Bluetti and Jackery. EcoFlow, Goal Zero and Bluetti are three brand power stations that support DC power, which can charge Mark 2. In this article, we will talk about how to charge Mark 2 with these three brands' power stations.
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Minimize Carbon Footprint ZERO BREEZE
Today, it is hard to imagine navigating a summer without air conditioning. We depend on it to cool and climate-control our homes, office buildings, and automobiles for more comfortable living and productive working. For people who have difficulties regulating their...
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