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New update from the production and shipment teams

Dear Backers,  First of all, thank you to all the backers who shared their feedback on the Mark 2. It is very exciting to see your reactions during the unboxing reviews and we were just as excited as you were. We appreciate all you have done to change the future of air conditioning and believe a celebration is well deserved.  It is our great honor to announce that the first 680 units have been successfully produced and shipped to the United States. We are looking forward to seeing more feedback and support from you! Second Batch Shipment Progress  The second batch of 550 units has been shipped out to the United States. We will send them according to the order...

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The first batch was delivered

Greetings Zero Breeze family! The delivery of the first batch is delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The rest of the first batch will be arriving very soon. We are so excited that some of our backers have received the units from the early batch and started to share their buyer experiences. We have heard many good things through your feedbacks and feel more than happy and gain more information through your feedback and we will keep moving forward based on that. You are very welcome to join “Zero Breeze 2.0 Launch Global Group” to share your first impression of Mark 2 and get the latest info about the production and shipment.  We planned to produce the new batch in...

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The First Batch of Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner Is On The Way

Dear friends,   Happy Rat Year!   After an intense Chinese New Year, this update came out later than planned. Hope you all can understand!   The good news is that the first batch of Mark 2 air conditioners was produced very smoothly. Backers in "Zero Breeze 2.0 Global Launch Group" on FB have already known that we have completed the first batch of 100 sets of mass production before the Chinese New Year, and shipped out on January 16. Some early Indiegogo backers will be receiving them in 20 days, and we also look forward to getting feedback from the early users. (Please note, the tracking information can only be available after it arrives at the US and under...

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The new update of progress

Hello Fellows, Black Friday just ended, I believe you all have a crazy story about it! Time is fast, Christmas is coming soon, Merry Christmas to everyone in advance   Production progress report 1. Molds (Plastic parts) The overall production progress of plastic molds is slower than expected, and we have been working hard to speed up and maintain the superb quality at the same time. The delays are mostly because of the structural adjustments in the middle. We believe you guys maybe confused that why the molds are always mentioned but there seems to be no obvious progress. Mark 2 consists of 42 plastic parts, 38 different plastic parts, Mark 2 battery consists of 12 plastic parts, 9 different...

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