12V to 24V Converter

12V to 24V Converter

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1. Please disconnect the output of the converter before powering on. After the LED of the converter lights on, then connect the output to the target device.

2. Don't power your ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 AC by this converter if your 12V battery can not provide sufficient and consistent power (over 300W or over 25A current). Damage may result from incorrect usage. For example, the 12v cigarette sockets can't be used for powering the Mark 2 AC.

3. When setting up your 12V to 24V Inverter, be sure to connect the negative and positive poles correctly to the corresponding connections on the power source.
Damage may result from incorrect connection.

4. To charge your ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Battery with a car
cigarette lighter connection you must ensure that the interface is a 12V power supply with a 15A fuse.

5. Use 12V to 24V Converter and Power Extension Dock together.
The 12v cigarette socket can not charge through the expansion dock for both batteries. Damage may result from incorrect usage.

6. Accessories of Mark 2 do not support the 30-day return policy.

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Customer Reviews

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12V to 24V Converter for MARK 2 Battery

Bruce Cooper
They asked

Too expensive. Works. Not more to say

James Yee
Runs my Zero Breeze

I got this with the EcoFlow adaptor to try to run my Zero Breeze. It seems to be working. I haven't taken it camping, but it seems promising.

Vladimir Tatarli

12V to 24V Converter for MARK 2 Battery

Jorge Salcedo
Code E03

It's start blinking red have to disconnect for ten minutes to restart. Filter clean free of debri.

Usually, E03 happens as a result of low power voltage.
Please charge the battery over night today and when you are done follow the instructions of the attachment to trouble shoot and we will see if the problem persists.