Can't stand the heat?

You shouldn't have to. Stay cool with Mark 2 AC for your camper.
No generator needed

• 240W ultra energy-saving

• Developed miniature compressor

• 2300 BTU, cool a limited & small space

• Charge by cigarette socket or solar power at anytime

Ready to cool out of the box

• Handy, designed for the outdoors & van-life.

• Ultra-compact, about the size of a weekender bag.

• Battery-powered, no need to modify the vehicle circuit.



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10 min to drop 30℉ (air outlet).
Take and go. Built for outdoor.
Battery powered, 240 Watt.


240W Low Power

About 1/5 the power consumption of conventional air conditioners, easily driven by adapter (included) or battery, no generator required.

Run It with Battery

Run the AC unit with your own 24V battery supply or run the AC unit with our one battery for 3-6 hours of portable usage.

2300 BTU

Really air-conditioned, no water or ice required, Built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor

Drop 30℉

10 minutes air outlet temperature, down 30℉

Take and Go

Air conditioner and the battery can be combined into one unit
You can take the air conditioner at work with one hand and walk around easily.

Weighs only 16.5lbs

Air conditioner weighs only 16.5lbs
Smaller than half the size of traditional portable air conditioners

View Mark 2 Series User Manual 

Working Mode Cool, Fan, Sleep, Strong
Wind Speed Level 4
Sound Level 52dB(A)
Cooling Power 2300 BTU
Climate Type T1
Cooling Rated Input 240W
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Unit Size 20"L x 10"W x 11"H
Weight 16.5lb
Moisture Protection IPX4
Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration Dual Hose

Mark 2 Battery Specification
View Mark 2 Battery User Manual

Battery Type 18650 Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Capacity 24V 35Ah/ 840Wh
DC Charge Input 18V-36V (Recommended input voltage: 21V-27V)
Full Charge Time About 6 hours
(by official power adapter)
DC Jack Output 12V/5A Max
USB Type C PD(5V,9V,12V,20V/45W Max)
USB Type A 5V/2A Max
Net Weight 12lb
Size 20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H
Operation Temperature
0℃-40℃ / 32°F-104℉

Mark 2 A/C
1 X Zero Breeze Mark 2 Air Conditioner
1 X 24V DC Power Adapter For Wall Outlet
1 X Drainage Pipe
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct
2 X Venting Hoses
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct Connection Adapter
1 X Venting Hose Connection Adapter
1 X IR Remote Controller
2 X Screws For Connection Adapter
1 X Zero Breeze Mark 2 User Guide

Mark 2 Battery
1 X Smart Battery
1 X Window Slider
1 X Cable For Mark 2 AC
1 X Mark 2 Battery User Guide

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Darryl Warren
Tiny and mighty, worth every penny

What to do when you need AC for those nasty heatwaves but don't want a big unit filling up your room? Get this baby. The room chilled super-quickly and took up little space. It has a remote and some control on how to direct the air...or you can attach the included air duct. I also got battery pack to charge in case of power outages (you never know). What a fantastic invention. Perfect for home offices, too. Portable, I imagine it must be fantastic when camping. It's well-made. Communication with the company can be an area to work on, hence the lost star (customer service is good, though), but I imagine they are a tight crew working hard fulfilling orders as the reason. This is money well-spent on a product you will be glad to have; I sure am. Thank you, Zero Breeze.

nikke shelton

Nice compact unit, easy to hook up. Would like a better battery to unit connection

Awesome product

From first look I would say it looks awesome and futuristic. Upon further inspection and getting my hands on it I think it’s a bit cheesy feeling. Although it’s cheesy feeling it works amazing for my rooftop tent and a total game changer for the outdoors word. Family can be comfortable if it gets to hot making it well worth it. At night I had the fan on mine run all night long and not even loose a bar on the battery.

Tool-Friendly Dynamo!

As a contractor, this power station rocks! It handles power-hungry tools like a champ, and it's super reliable. No more downtime on the job.

Excellent accessory

This made using the remote possible in my tiny camper.

Versatile Charging Options!

ElecHive gives many choices! AC outlets, USB ports, and even a car charger adapter – it's got you covered.

Home Emergency Savior!

ElecHive is a lifesaver during power outages. It's as easy as plug-and-play, giving me peace of mind in seconds.

Fantastic in Florida heat but must be vented, as designed

AC at beach house failed. I grabbed the Mark 2 from the camper and used it to cool a single bedroom. First night, just ran it without the hoses and had zero benefit (The heat it pulled out of the room were pumped back into the room. duh)
Next night, I put the hose out the window, venting the heat... and I cooled the room so well, I actually got cold...
This thing is the real deal! But, you do need to vent it, as designed.


Good unit, needs a couple accessories to make it better

I like the Zero Breeze. Using it in a small boat (24 feet) to cool the cabin, late afternoons and at night. It works. There are a lot of negative review on this unit - most (if not all) due to folks not understanding what a Zero Breeze can and cannot do. It is only 2,300 BTU. It will cool my small boat, and does so at very modest power levels: 240 watts on high, 90-100 watts on low. I’m using the Zero Breeze plugged into my invertor (not using a Zen Breeze battery).
What would make it better? The exhaust hose gets hot, putting heat back into the very cabin I’m trying to cool. The hose needs insulation, and frankly not either providing that (or offering it as an optional accessory) is just wrong. I’ve ordered something made for larger hose and having it sewed/modified to fit. I should just be able to order insulation hose that fits the Zero Breeze.
The 110v to 24v power supply provided gets REALLY hot when the unit is on high. Again, putting heat back into the cabin I’m trying to cool. A different design that wasn’t a heat source would really help the Zero Breeze.
The Zero Breeze Mk 2 is a good core unit. A couple simple accessories would make it work so much better.

Life Saver!

We picked up our Bean teardrop camping trailer ( in Salt Lake City and started towing it back home to Pennsylvania. We decided to get a separate portable ac instead of upgrading to one in place of the ceiling fan in the Bean. It takes up room inside the Bean, but it works great! For what it would have cost to upgrade the fan to an ac in the ceiling, we got the ZeroBreeze, an extra battery, and a Bluetti power supply battery with solar panels (just in case we are camping without shore power). The ZeroBreeze works on a regular plug outlet as well as the battery it comes with. It was 104 degrees going across Iowa, and almost 80 percent humidity. We turned on the ZeroBreeze inside the camper that evening, and it removed all of the humidity inside the camper and cooled it off. In fact, it we had it so cold in the Bean over night that there was condensation on the outside of the Bean when we got up in the morning. I was thankful the camper was made of fiberglass so the condensation didn't hurt it. :-) Absolutely love the ZeroBreeze!

James Thibodeaux

The add I read advertised 12 volt battery plug. However, seems to now be available

Attention to Design Detail!

ElecHive's design shines! The LED display is super informative, providing real-time power insights.

Power Extension Dock for Mark 2


Cool Breeze

It'd great to have easy access to cool air in my camper without any big hassles.

Life just got a little bit cooler

We bought this to go overlanding with to use in our roof top tent. Took it out for this first time late July. Turned it on 30 mins before climbing into our tent, before it was morning we were covering up with a blanket. It was nice and I have never been able to say that I was cool at night in the middle of the summer tent camping. We used 2 batteries and it lasted all night long on sleep mode. It is a must have to beat the heat.

Too cool

I do hotshot driving, so I sleep in the cab of my ram 3500 dually truck. I purchased this to stay cool at night without idling my truck, folks this thing is amazing! I’ve had to turn it off on several occasions because it was so cold, I highly recommend! I run mine off a generator so I do not have the battery for it, during the heat of the day will cool down to about 65 or so, but I mostly use it at night so that’s never an issue.

Stepan Pryymak

Good working , but needs 2 batteries for 8 hours using

Steven Malehorn
Very Pleased but needs shade for best performance.

Illinois camping in a white 6-foot pickup bed and white Leer cap: With heat-soaked 104F bed air in full-sun and 85F ambient the A/C produced 70F output and maintained 95F inside under afternoon full-sun conditions. In a shaded site under an “Excessive Heat Warning” with 90-93F and 109-113F Heat Index the A/C maintained a comfortable 82F all afternoon. The unit generally drops interior air by 10-15F. So find or make shade for best performance. My only quibble is touch sensitivity of the controls. Inadvertently brush over them and settings may change. Otherwise very pleased with it’s performance.

Thank you for your review,Maybe you need this IR extender to extend the effective distance of your remote control? . Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

Power Packed with Sustainability!

This power station's capacity is a game-changer for camping. It keeps my devices juiced for days, and the solar charging option is a win for eco-conscious adventurers.

A hot weather suv/car camping must!

Before I get into the review, first understand how this unit works so your expectations are realistic. At 2300 BTU, this is NOT going to cool down your car/suv/van/tent like ac units built into campers or ac in your household, and it's not supposed to. It's for a small space, and the more insulated (against the heat) the space is, the better this unit will be able to work. It won't even keep up with cooling off an SUV when it's 100 F out, with no shade and the sun beating on your car. But it will keep YOU cooler.

That said, it's a genuine AC unit that can pump out refreshingly cool air.

* The ZeroBreeze Mark 2 while sizable is still narrow enough to fit on a center console of an SUV.
* Cold air pumps out almost immediately from the unit, and you are able to see the temperature of the air being pumped out due to the temperature gauge located on the vent itself which pivots, but not by much.
* You can hook a hose onto the vent in order to get the cold air blowing where you want it. People often recommend putting the hose under a light blanket when you are going to sleep and it will cool your body off efficiently that way. That does work.
* The unit comes with that hose as well as intake/exhaust hoses so you can vent the heat the unit produces as well as take in fresh air from the area of your choosing.
* There is a light on the unit in case you need a little illumination to see what you are doing.
* If you are at an electrical site, this unit can pretty much run all the time.
* If you order a battery, the unit will remain powered according to the product's descriptions and even longer if you just use the fan function alone.
* The battery is a pretty large capacity and has outlets in case you need to charge other devices off of it as well. Furthermore, it's a Lithium Ion Polymer battery, which is superior to lithium-ion batteries. This means you will get many more charge cycles out of these compared to lithium ion batteries.
* It comes with a remote, so you don't have to get up every time you want to change the settings on this.

* While it is narrow enough to fit on the center console of an SUV, the unit itself is still rather bulky, though I'm guessing it's probably as small as it can be and still have a decent compressor.
* The power adapter is specialized. If it broke I couldn't just find a universal power adapter and use it.
* There's a specialized cord you use to screw in to the unit and to the battery, and I worry that will catch on something. And you can't charge the battery while powering the unit without buying a special splitter they sell.
* The unit + battery is much heavier than 12 lbs, and the handle while sturdy, is wide enough that I can't actually close my hand around it.
* It doesn't come with any kind of protective case for when not using it, and there are a LOT of pieces that go with this thing.
* The hoses are plastic and kind of feel a bit cheap. The hot air exhaust hose gets warm, which means even if it's directing the air out, some heat is still escaping into your environment.

This all said, I took this with me while camping in the Badlands and it ended up getting up to 98 F!! The AC unit definitely made my stay there much more bearable. As you know, there is NO shade there except the small manmade shade over picnic tables. It wasn't a glamping experience by any means, and I definitely would have not stayed at all if I didn't have this unit with me. While it was 98 outside, the unit was still pushing out air that was in the 70s. While there are a number of negatives I noticed, this unit did everything I expected it to, and it made it possible for me to keep my camping reservation.

not bad

It took a long time to wait, but overall it was good. It was worth the wait and the capacity was large.

Remote control for Zero Breeze

The remote control works great. Now I don't have to worry where I place it

It does work

Started ac both batteries fully charged sleep mode was good ran for almost eight hours woke up was 62 in truck still 74 outside 1 light on 1 battery 4 on other charge each battery by itself next day don’t want to put a strain on the wires bouncing around all day going down the road I say it works great thank you

Your very best van life