1250W Power supply for ElecHive 2200
1250W Power supply for ElecHive 2200

1250W Power supply for ElecHive 2200

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The 1250W Power supply can charge your ElecHive 2200 from empty to 90% in around 2 hours and 90% to full in round 0.5 hours. It works on the voltage of most countries. 100~130V (For North America, Japan and Taiwan) or 200~240V (For other countries)

RoHS, CE, and FCC compliant.


Model: CH1250

Size: 9.3*5.1*2.8in/235*130*70mm

DC Output

Rated Voltage: 48V

Voltage Deviation: +-5%

Rated Power: 1250W

Open Voltage: <48.5V

Current Range: 0~26A

AC Input

Voltage Range: 100~130V (For North AmericaJapan and Taiwan) or 200~240V (For other countries)

Current: 12A/120V or 6.5A/220V Frequency: 50/60Hz


Overload, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature(>212℉/100°C), IP22

Environmental Conditions

Working Temperature : 14℉~104℉/-10°C~40°C

Storage Temperature: -40℉~176℉/-40°C~80°C

Working Humidity: 20%~90%RH

Storage Humidity: 10%~95%RH

Shipping takes within 1 business day. Peak season takes up to 3 or more days.

Warranty is 12 months.

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Charge ElecHive with 1250W power supply

1. Plug the Anderson connector of the 1250W power supply to the fast charging port of ElecHive.

2. Plug the AC connector of the 1250W power supply to the wall outlet.

3. To charge the ElecHive from empty to 90%, it needs around 2 hours. If you set the Charge/Discharge mode to 90%, the charging will stop there.

4. If you set Charge/Discharge mode to 100%, the left 10% may need another half to one hour as the charging power decreases in the final stage. The charging will stop automatically when it reaches 100%.

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