Zero Breeze Troubleshooting


1) Request Service: Describe the product's issue and provide your information.
2) Assessment and Repair: The service center will evaluate your information and determine the repair method.
3) Receive Your Product: The Service Center will send the repaired or replacement product to your address.

If your area is within ZERO BREEZE Repair* service range and the product assessment shows that ZERO BREEZE is responsible for the product's issue under warranty, all shipping fees will be covered by ZERO BREEZE. If the product or component damage is due to user error or is the product is out of warranty, you are responsible for shipping fees to your address.
*Repair policies vary by region. For more details, please contact ZERO BREEZE Support.

For Repair: It is recommended to send us the defective product or components together for testing.
For Replacement: It is recommended to send us the entire product set, including all components, packaging, accessories, gifts, and user manual.

If your product needs to be repaired or replaced, you can submit an Online Service Request. If you want to request a return or refund service, or the products cannot work, please contact Zero Breeze Support.