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240W Low Power

About 1/5 power consumption when compared to conventional air conditioners. Driven by adapters (included) or batteries. No generator required.

Battery Powered

Run the AC unit with your own 24V battery supply or run the AC unit with our battery for 3-5 hours of portable usage.

2300 BTU

Real air-conditioner; no water or ice required. Built-in 24V adaptive frequency micro compressor.

Drop 30℉

10 minutes air outlet temperature with a decrease of 30℉.

Take and Go

Air conditioner and battery can be combined into one unit.
Carry the air conditioner with one hand. Very portable.

Weighs only 16.5lbs

Air conditioner weighs only 16.5lbs
Smaller than half the size of traditional portable air conditioners

View Mark 2 Series User Manual 

Working Mode Cool, Fan, Sleep, Rocket
Wind Speed Level 4
Sound Level 52dB(A)
Cooling Power 2300 BTU
Climate Type T1
Cooling Rated Input 240W
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Unit Size 20"L x 10"W x 11"H
Weight 16.5lb
Moisture Protection IPX4
Vent Hose Exhaust Configuration Dual Hose

Mark 2 Battery Specification
View Mark 2 Battery User Manual

Battery Type 18650 Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
Capacity 24V 35Ah/ 840Wh
DC Charge Input 18V-36V (Recommended input voltage: 21V-27V)
Full Charge Time About 6 hours
(by official power adapter)
DC Jack Output 12V/5A Max
USB Type C PD(5V,9V,12V,20V/45W Max)
USB Type A 5V/2A Max
Net Weight 12lb
Size 20"L x 8.6"W x 2.3"H
Operation Temperature
0℃-40℃ / 32°F-104℉

Mark 2 A/C
1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner
1 X 24V DC Power Adapter For Wall Outlet
1 X Drainage Pipe
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct
2 X Venting Hoses
1 X Front Air Outlet Duct Connection Adapter
1 X Venting Hose Connection Adapter
1 X IR Remote Controller
2 X Screws For Connection Adapter
1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User Guide

Mark 2 Battery
1 X Smart Battery
1 X Window Slider
1 X Cable For Mark 2 AC
1 X Mark 2 Battery User Guide

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Compare three choices of the Mark 2 to match your needs. Need help choosing? : Chat with us.

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The 24V Micro Inverter

ZERO BREEZE specified that compact, low power consumption, and DC compressors are the preferred goals of Mark 2. We worked with professional refrigeration engineers to bring compressors, which were exclusively designed for special equipment, into daily life.

Now, the Mark 2's compressor is about the same size as a cola can. It is what rocks the portable air conditioner market.

Dual hose system

Draws in fresh outside air and exhausts hot air through another hose. It will provides maximum output cooling capacity.

Don't take our word for it


Our office is normally really hot during the summer months. My dog Brigham (female black lab) constantly pants because she is to hot. Even fans would not help. This product is a life saver. Now she gets a nice cool breeze and barely moves from her bed that sits under my desk.

Evan Spirk

First camping trip with the Mark 2 portable air conditioner. We had too many memories of us sitting at camp trying to survive the summer heat, but now we're staying cool and thriving. It honestly amazes me how effective it is and I can't wait to bring it on more trips.

Scoot Roeder

MY WIFE SAID IT WORKED AS PROMISED. During our getaway to Pine Island, Florida it was 90° + and very humid...we decided to give our recently received Zero Breeze an outdoor personal cooling test.

John Szeliga

Happy Mutha Trucker!!! Ordered the Zero Breeze Mark 2 to use in the semi truck when parked without having to idle on hot days/nights. It worked out great!!! No need to idle, no wasting fuel and no more wear and tear on my engine and turbo just to stay cool.


How it Works?

Enjoy Unboxing Experience

But I already have...

Rooftop air conditioners are great to use at campsites with power supply, and swamp coolers only work effectively in dry areas ...... whereas the ZERO BREEZE is particularly designed for staying cool off the grid. The small size, low power consumption, ease of use and a connectable battery-powered design contribute to its unprecedented portability, which brings endless possibilities to outdoor cooling.  

Rooftop Air Conditioner

Excellent cooling capacity. It cools down an entire van space but consumes huge amount of energy! Unable to take on the go. 

Swamp Cooler

Consumes less power. Ideal to use in dry climates. But once the humidity gets high, the swamp cooler will struggle to have any effect. And you will have to fill the unit with water manually. 

Window Air Conditioner

Window AC is an inexpensive solution with good cooling effect, but it’s bulky, difficult to move, install and power. Let alone it blocks windows and wears easily on bumpy roads. 

Haul Wheeled Air Cooler

Large and bulky. Ice needs to be continuously added to ensure it is working effectively.  Increases humidity in the air. Ideal to use in the open outdoors, not a good choice for small enclosed space.


ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 was created to solve the problem of enjoying coolness in outdoor freely. Because the existing portable air conditioners are bulky and power-hungry. They are not for outdoor. Max designed a first real portable battery-powered air conditioner which is impossible as considered by traditional air-conditioning industry experts.

2300BTU Mark 2 AC runs with its battery for 3~5 hours. About 1/5 power consumption of conventional air conditioners. No generator, water or ice required. Weighs only 16.5lbs. Take and go easily.

Mark 2 is not limited by the power supply and is free to use anywhere, such as in tents, camping, the RV, in the car, outdoor sports, boats, small aircrafts, or any place you need it.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 comes with a 30—day money—back guarantee and a 1-year warranty that includes free repairs, replacements and parts replacement. Learn more.

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 comes in 3 types and all of them have the same functions and features, what makes them different is the extra battery feature which is optional to purchase.

The Basic – No batteries (Powered by shore)

The PLUS – One battery (Up to 6 hrs cooling)

The PLUS EXTRA – Two batteries. (Up to 12 hrs cooling)

Note: There are many factors affecting the cooling time, such as ambient temperature, humidity, and insulation. Here are reference values.

1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 Air Conditioner

1 X 24V DC Power Adapter For Wall Outlet

1 X Drainage Pipe

1 X Front Air Outlet Duct

2 X Venting Hoses

1 X Front Air Outlet Duct Connection Adapter

1 X Venting Hose Connection Adapter

1 X IR Remote Controller

2 X Screws For Connection Adapter

1 X ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 User Guide

Learn more about cooling effect, power supply, exhaust, drainage, maintenance, etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Im not sure

Maybe because it is my own personal unit, but it doesn't seem like it blows cold air hard like some of the other video reviews I seen.

Andre Pierce
Trucker Review

Best thing since the invention of toilet paper.
I can leave my truck off all night and sleep with cold A/C, unit works perfectly. A+💯

Mario Nieto
5 star

I use it in a classic Porsche.
It cools. So it works.

zero breeze review

the Zero breeze does exactly what is advertised. The quality seems excellent and better than expected. I wish that this unit had the mechanism that auto evaporates the condensation build up. I found that even with the hose attached, after use there is a good amount of water still left inside. When I drained it, water was coming out not just from the drain hole but around the electrical connection which was somewhat disconcerting.

Francis York
Can’t believe how well it works!

I use this as an auxiliary AC for inside my work van. I own a dog training company and we are constantly having to run the van to keep the pups cool who are inside their crates in the van. This little AC unit allows me to maintain a cool inside without running the van. Beyond happy with my purchase and recommend this little AC to everyone who is in need of an auxiliary unit!