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Cord for Car and DIY with Other Power Source
12V battery charger cord for car and DIY with Other Power Source. This wire can only be used to charge the battery. The Zero Breeze air conditioner can not  be driven directly from the 12V cigarette lighter, as it needs as much as 15A current. The...
Zero Breeze air conditioning smart battery top view
Zero Breeze Smart Battery
$349.00 $399.00
With Zero Breeze Smart Battery, you’ll get up to 5 hours of battery life for outdoor use. The Power Bank contains 64 cells of 18650s, the same cells that Tesla uses. 3.5 Hour usage on High, Recharge Time: 5hrs. Model: ZB one Battery Type: Lithium...
Zero Breeze air conditioner AC/DC Adaper - Zero Breeze®
AC/DC Adapter
$79.00 $99.00
The AC/DC Adapter charges the lithium polymer battery and can power the system of Zero Breeze air conditioner even if you operate it without a battery.It works on any standard voltage worldwide (100V - 240V AC input). RoHS, CE, and FCC compliant....
Air Conditioner Exhaust Pipe
The exhaust hose fits to Zero Breeze air conditioner .The Air Exhaust Hose is made of high quality PVCThe exhaust hose can be stretched and shrinked freely, 3 inch/ 7.6 cm diameter, the shortened length is 15.7 inch/ 40 cm, its can extend up to 41...